Celebrating “Women In Coffee”: International Coffee Day across the IWCA


Pictures include: IWCA Brazil President presenting to the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry in Brasilia. Helena Alves of Embrapa and Josiane Cotrim, IWCA Brazil Facilitator, present the Brazil Women in Coffee e-Book to ICO. Additional information shared here.


Pictures include: IWCA Burundi meeting and celebration with Savings Group. Coffee Tasting - verdict is “tastes sweet!”

El Salvador

Pictures include: Booth at International Coffee Day expo hosted by IWCA El Salvador Chapter and El Consejo de Ministros. Pictures feature IWCA El Salvador Chapter members and Hugo Hernandez from El Consejo.


Pictures include: IWCA Ethiopia, known locally as Ethiopian Women in Coffee (EWiC) hosts meeting and celebration, including soft launch of YA Coffee. You can also hear insights shared on a local radio show.


Pictures include: Booth at Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, including cupping of coffees from across IWCA Chapters. Welcoming representatives from El Salvador and Costa Rica.


Pictures include: IWCA Kenya members after Strategic Planning meeting. IWCA Kenya members showcase coffees, camaraderie, and information at booth. National TV interview can be seen here or here.


Pictures include: IWCA Uganda celebration - coffee, camaraderie, celebration, and new products. Remarks by new IWCA Uganda President, Dr. Victoria Sekitooleko. Visit the IWCA YouTube Channel to see a short video of the celebration.

IWCA Global Organization

Pictures from September 2018 ICO Meeting: ICO Thematic Panel to present Women in Coffee across the value chain - including IWCA Uganda Board member Ann Mayanja, IWCA Brazil and Embrapa e-book in English launch, IWCA and ICO MOU signing, IWCA and AFCA signing, and connecting with international partners including UN Women for Latin America and Caribbean.

Pictures from International Coffee Day: IWCA Ethiopia member, Frehiwot Mekonnen, presents at Caffé Vergnano Celebration in Torino, Italy with IWCA Facilitator for Europe, Josiana Bernardes.

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