The Power of Women in Coffee

Just two months ago, many of us travelled through Mexico City en route to the IWCA Convention in Puebla, Mexico. It was a time of celebration, connection, and new beginnings with the inaugural IWCA Chapter Leadership Summit.

But as even the least connected among us know, last week, disaster struck in Mexico. As the recovery effort moves forward, the cities that IWCA helped to fill with happy memories are now the scenes of heart-wrenching devastation that humble the most stoic. Mainstream media headlines capture the magnitude of loss and sadness, as well as the power of volunteers, neighbors, friends, and strangers working together to find both a path forward and comfort in a time of great loss.

The IWCA Mexico Chapter is helping to power that work. Over the past few days, the IWCA women whose drive and dedication once welcomed thousands to festivities in Puebla with open arms, channeled that energy to tirelessly support recovery workers with coffee, pastries, and other refreshments to fuel their difficult and dangerous days and nights.

For those who know IWCA and IWCA Mexico, please be reassured that all of the women of the IWCA Mexico Chapter are safe. For those newly discovering IWCA, in this time of great tragedy and uncertainty, we see the power of organized and empowered women, working together in coffee.


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