The mission of IWCA Brazil is to empower women leaders 
in the brazilian coffee industry, from seed to cup.


- President Débora Fortini, Import/Export Director at Center of Training at the Academia do Café, established a scholarship program with the Academia do Café's SCAA certified laboratory. The scholarship is awarded to a public school student in Belo Horizonte. The student will train at the Academia do Café with Q graders and enroll in roasting courses. Read more about the Academia do Café and its academy on its website
- Helga Andrade became part of the Associação Brasileira de Café e Barista (ACBB) Board of Directors. The ACBB’s mission is promoting “barismo” and specialty coffee in the country. Helga placed 2nd in the Coffee in Good Spirits 2010 and 2011 competitions. Helga continues to help the Brazil chapter organize competitions across the country. 


- Sustainability – To position and promote associate members’ coffee in the national and international market as a means to access improved business opportunities.
- Competitiveness – To promote knowledge sharing and personal development among its members as the way to improve product quality and commercial opportunities.
- Participation – To recognize, support and encourage women to  participate in all aspects of the coffee industry.
- Tools – To give women the necessary tools to develop into models of competitiveness at the local and international level.
- Alliances – To empower women in coffee to forge alliances among the entire coffee chain (from seed to cup) as a means to improve their quality of life.


- Well-established goals
- Board represents all the coffee value chain
- Alliance with SEBRAE


President - Débora Fortini
Vice-President - Brígida Salgado
Secretary - Fernanda Dornelas
Treasurer - Cintia Matos
Project Director - Ana Cláudia Vieira Martins
Project Director - Miriam Aguiar
Project Director - Camila Arcanjo
Project Director - Helga Andrade
Communications Director - Ilana Bastos
Communications Director - Marisa Contreras
Communications Director - Carla de Padua
Transportation Director - Geralda de Souza
Transportation Director - Julenia Lopes

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