This committee carries out initiatives that fulfill the IWCA mission, including the following activities:

•    Formation of IWCA chapters
•    Support of IWCA chapters
•    Provide workshops and training programs
•    Encourage connections for exchange programs
•    Encourage connections for Trips to Origin

Members include:

Phyllis Johnson- Chair
Johanna Bot - Mentor
Karen Cebreros – Origin Trips Co-Chair
Maanavi Chendanda – Mentor, IWCA-India
Gabriela Figueroa de Hüeck – Chapter Formation, regional
Olga Hazard – Origin Support
C. Henry Hueck – Origin Support
Mireya Asturias Jones – Origin Trips Co-Chair + Mentor, IWCA-Japan
Patricia Marion – Mentor, IWCA-Bolivia
Grace Mena – Immediate Past Chair
Shirin Moayyad  - Mentor, IWCA-Papua New Guinea
Mery Santos – International Exchange Programs
Linda Smithers – Training/Program Chair

Regional Formation Coordinators:

Latin America – North, Central + Caribbean:
Gabriela Figueroa de Hüeck
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: [+505] 8850-3633
Country Mentors:

Patricia Marion
New York, USA
Tel: [+1] 917-847-3086
Skype: patricia.marion77

Josiane Cotrim
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: [+505] 8920 4323
Skype: josicotrim          

Grace Mena
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: [+506] 2293 8485
Cell: [+506] 8391 7555

Maanavi Chendanda
Karnataka, India
Skype: maanavi77

Mireya Asturias Jones
Pasadena, CA 91105
Tel: [+626] 564 9292
Fax: [+626] 564 9772
Cell: [+626] 864 5481     
Skype: Mireya8114

IWCA-Papua New Guinea:
Shirin Moayyad  
Peets Coffee & Tea

For more information or to join, email the Chapter Relations Committee