The IWCA Democratic Republic of Congo Chapter was the proud recipient of $20,000 of grant money from the 2014 Java Jog, an annual run that raises money and awareness for women in coffee producing communities. The 2014 Java Jog raised over $34,000 to help women in the Democratic Republic of Congo overcome the violence they face and help the women rebuild their communities and coffee producing regions. The IWCA chapter will use the funds to support 750 women coffee growers of Lubarika and Ndolera village, and Uvira Territory and allow them to setup washing stations, purchase equipment and to provide support for processing and packaging of coffee. More >

IWCA Burundi was formed in 2010 and set a chapter goal of becoming a winner of the Cup of Excellence, a highly acclaimed international coffee competition that rewards farmers for their exemplary, quality coffee. After years of hard work and dedication to the coffee farms of Burundi, we are proud to announce that three lots of coffee ranked in the 2014 competition. More >

Marta Dalton Receives Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Marta Dalton, an IWCA Guatemala Chapter member, was selected as the recipient of the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  Marta is a sixth generation coffee farmer and the founder of Coffee Bird, a coffee roasting company in London that focuses on “treating the workers well, respecting the environment and producing superior coffee." More >


Chantal Binwa was one of thirty participants who attended the International Women’s Coffee Alliance 2012 Leadership Training in Nairobi, Kenya. Chantal was a young coffee farmer from the Democratic Republic of Congo who was eager to learn and make new friends. One of many requirements was that participants speak fluent English. Although, Chantal had limited ability to speak English, fluent in French and other local languages, she quickly became friends with the English/French speakers and relied on them to assist her in participating in activities. In February 2014, Chantal signed the Letter of Understanding with IWCA and established the Democratic Republic of Congo chapter. More >

Teija Marika Lublinkhof Joins African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) Board of Directors

IWCA Congratulates Teija Marika Lublinkhof on joining the board of directors for the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA). Teija was elected to serve a three-year term as she began her duty during AFCA’s 11th annual conference in Bujumbura, Burundi Feb 13-15, 2014. More >

IWCA Uganda Welcomes New Assistant

With the support from IWCA International and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the IWCA Uganda Chapter has taken on an administrative assistant.  Ms. Phylis Chesimol will serve in this role helping to assist IWCA Uganda President, Jane Magombe in organizing the activities for the newly formed chapter. UCDA has graciously provided an office space and has plans to offer further support later this year. More >


IWCA Burundi Develops Profit Splitting Plan from Chapter Coffee Sales

The IWCA Burundi chapter sold their top quality coffee to BD Imports for the second year in a row. A profit splitting plan was developed between IWCA Burundi, the local washing station owner, and BD Imports that provided a bonus payment to the IWCA Burundi members based on the coffee selling price. 

When IWCA Burundi President Isabelle Sinamenye arrived to distribute the bonuses to the members, she was greeted by IWCA Burundi members singing songs of IWCA to celebrate the occasion. Isabelle joined the marching crowd as they continued on and distributed the bonuses to the female coffee producers. More >


On September 11th, 2013, IWCA-Brazil held their 3rd annual meeting during the 8th Annual Espaço Café Convention in Belo Horizonte at the Minas Gerais Estate. IWCA-Brazil partnered with Emater, a local public enterprise for agricultural extension,. They coordinated for 16 women from the Paraná coffee region to attend two days of lectures and workshops organized by the chapter and the convention.

The Paraná women  attended in order to attain a new vision of the international coffee environment and realize their potential as small coffee farmers. At the convention, attendees had the opportunity to conduct their first cupping session with international buyers present cupping coffees from chapter members. Emater provided travel and lodging and IWCA contributed for meal expenses. More >


IWCA India Hosts Free Women Health Camps

The IWCA India Chapter hosted free women's health camps in three villages in Araku Valley India in May 2013. Two gynecologists from M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital in Bangalore volunteered their time and performed health screenings for 95 women in the three villages. The majority of the women had never received proper health screenings. More >

IWCA Burundi Partners with Burundi International to Provide Goats to Women Coffee Farmers

Burundi goat sharing 2.jpg

The IWCA Burundi Chapter recently partnered with Burundi International to provide support for the region's women coffee farmers. The project provided two goats to 110 women in the Busiga region of Burundi. The goats produce manure to fertilize coffee plants, milk and butter for their children and goats' offspring for kids' tuition or medical fees. All women that were provided goats live close by a coffee washing station in Busiga. 

Tanzania Chapter Attends Fourth Annual National Coffee Stakeholders Conference


Tanzania Women in Coffee Association Ltd (TAWOCA), Chapter President Fatima Faraji attended the 4th Annual National Coffee Stakeholders Conference held at Nashera Hotel in Morogoro on May 30-31st, 2013.

IWCA Brazil Chapter President Josiane Cotrim Macieria's Monthly Coffee Column

The IWCA Brazil chapter has received great international visibility! In October 2013 IWCA Brazil Chapter President Josiance Cotrim Macieriraand Minas Gerais, a Matas de Minas' small coffee producer, joined together to work on Women in the Cafe, a regular column that aims to provide the coffee community relevant stories about the work and success of women in the coffee market. Read more about their column. 

Josiane Cotrim.jpg