We are excited and honored to have Chido Govera as the guest speaker for the IWCA Breakfast at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Expo on April 26.  Chido will share her story of overcoming major obstacles in Zimbabwe and how she became a major activist for women and communities worldwide. 

As an orphan in Zimbabwe, in a community trapped in the clutches of poverty, Chido Govera was faced with insurmountable hurdles as a child. When a nearby university offered her the opportunity to learn the art of growing mushrooms, everything changed. She took to growing immediately and felt enormous potential to both feed her community and empower the women who filled it. She dropped school to support her family and orphan community by selling what she grew. Eventually, Govera designed a new way of cultivating mushrooms from coffee waste—both coffee grounds and coffee cherry—which provided a kind of self-sustaining answer to the problems wrought by poverty, gendered norms, economic immobility, and cultural barriers to self-actualization. She now travels the world sharing her model. 

Chido's work has reached over 1,000 women in communities in Zimbabwe, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, and South Africa, India, Australia, as well as serving to influence entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe. She discourages victimhood, and aims to inspire orphans to become change agents for a better society through her project—the Future of Hope Foundation. 

Learn more at chidogovera.org >

To purchase a ticket for the breakfast visit the SCAA Expo registration page. Select "IWCA Breakfast" under ticketed events section of the registration process.