IWCA CHapter MEmber Coffee Availability List

The IWCA Global Organization achieves women’s empowerment through leadership development, strategic partnership, and market visibility. The IWCA Organization does not produce or sell coffee. However, many members of IWCA Chapters do, and the IWCA makes information about green (i.e. unroasted) coffee visible to the market as it becomes available through the IWCA Chapter Member Coffee Availability List and at IWCA-hosted cuppings at industry events.

The Coffee Availability List supports IWCA Chapter Members's visibility and is intend to inform and catalyze direct trade between the IWCA Chapter members selling green coffee and interested stakeholders. The IWCA Global Organization is not involved in any market transactions or negotiations.

If you are interested in any of green coffees listed in the Coffee Availability List, please contact the person listed for that coffee directly. For any questions regarding the overall Coffee Availability list please contact Blanca Castro, IWCA Chapter Relations Manager.