To improve the quality of life of women and their families through lifelong learning, production,
processing, marketing, and exporting of high quality specialty coffee.


To improve the lives of women and their families by strengthening and expanding the network with other agencies that guarantee they grow as rightful citizens. To improve women’s production, marketing and exportation of quality coffees for higher prices and revenues.


- Provide excellent quality coffee through improved agricultural practices. Educate and train women in coffee organizations in Huila, Tolima, and Cauca with the support of the coffee committees, the National Learning Service - SENA, and coffee growers cooperatives.
- Contribute to initiatives towards women economic independence and personal skill development. Offer educational seminars on human rights and women rights as described by law 1257/08 with the aid of psychology professionals, healthcare firms and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute - ICBF.
- Manage environmentally sustainable coffee processing organic and inorganic waste. Teach how to manage organic and inorganic waste in coffee cultivation and processing and involve utilities, the Colombian energy company - CAM, and Campo Limpio.
- Assist in forming an organized front of women for empowerment, rights, citizenship, influential participation and skills development. Request the support of municipal administrations and their interdisciplinary groups for women rights and skills development.
- Coordinate the work of women within the coffee sector, local government, city councils, and public/private organizations that are interested in strengthening the work of women organizations. Request the joint support and effort from the municipal administration, municipal committees and the FNC.
- Host the IV Women in Coffee Convention in coordination with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Gain the support of the municipal and departmental coffee growers committees, cooperatives, and other entities in the coffee chain to carry out the convention in 2015. 


President - Yiver Vargas Perdomo
Vice-President - María Nelsy Sánchez
Secretary-Treasurer - Luz Dary Chacue
Secretary Substitute - Arcelia Silvestre
International Relations President  - Luz Milda Potosi
International Relations Secretary - Bently Fernández


Yiver Vargas Perdomo, Chapter President
Phone: (57)3133930033