Consuming Country Chapters (CCCs) are alliances of women in the coffee sector in consuming countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. The country is classified as a consuming country when a majority of local coffee industry activities include importing, distributing, roasting, and retailing.

The following objectives have been defined for CCCs, but they may be adapted to address local conditions:


- Empower women in the coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable livelihoods 
Connecting with women in coffee-producing and other coffee-consuming countries


- Create a global, regional, and national identity for the chapter promoting the IWCA as well
as creating a joint identity with other CCCs
- Develop, retain and expand active membership in the chapter. 
- Promote women in coffee in the home country. 
Liaise with Producing Country Chapters to create cross-cultural and cross-production chain networks
Participate with Producing Country Chapters in joint projects and exchanges
Help chapter members strengthen their participation in the coffee sector