IWCA Burundi was formed in 2010 and set a chapter goal of becoming a winner of the Cup of Excellence, a highly acclaimed international coffee competition that rewards farmers for their exemplary, quality coffee. After years of hard work and dedication to the coffee farms of Burundi, we are proud to announce that three lots of coffee ranked in the 2014 competition.

Kirema and Karehe, both owned by Sogestal Kayanza, ranked 2nd and 20th respectively. These two lots represent the hard work of almost 300 small-scale farmers both women and men who are members of the IWCA Burundi chapter. We are also proud of Kigobe, an IWCA Burundi member, that ranked 21st in this year’s competition from KALICO. The lots of coffee placed out of the thousands of entries, were cupped at least five times, and were scored based on their exemplary characteristics.

The winning IWCA Burundi coffees will be featured at the Cup of Excellence auction on October 8, 2014, which gives the Burundi women a chance to bring in premium prices for their coffee. The proceeds from the auction are often high and have the livelihoods of the farmers, allowing farmers to experiment with different processing, purchase new land and equipment, hire additional staff, and help improve the quality of life and opportunities for their families. 

Help us further recognize and reward the hard work of IWCA Burundi by bidding in the October 8 auction. Visit the Burundi Cup of Excellence auction page to participate.