Board of Directors:
- President          Lucia Abrego de Ortiz 
- Secretary          Carmen Elena de Silva
- Treasurer          Maria Elena de Botto
- First Vocal         Ana Lilian de Bolaños
- Second Vocal    Patricia Valiente
- Second Vocal    Sonia C de Salaverria
- Second Vocal    Margarita de Herrera - 
- Alternate Vocal  Marcela Basagoitia

- 75 Current members, representing over 300 women

- Well-established goals
- Closely tied Board of Directors
- Established annual fees for members
- Chapter relation mentor of IWCA is a member
- Strong connections with coffee industry professionals

Monthly Activities and Ongoing Projects:
- Trainings and experts
- Monthly talks
- Workshops
- Monthly board meetings
- Water filter project with AFAL and Euracen

2013 Activities:
- In February Lucia Ortiz  represented AMCES as a national jury atf the Barista National Championship being one week in training and competition, AMCES donated $250.00 for the event.
- A conference about "Searching for an International Coffee buyer and Home Brewing Methods" was provided in March through AMCES by Mike Perry and Heather Perry. 
- A 2 days "Barista Training" course was provided by Heather Perry. The event drew 47 baristas, of which 45 were women.
- An alliance has been formed with AFAL & EURACEN to facilitate the purchase of water filters in 2013.

Opportunities and Potential Projects:
- Achieve large membership
- Establish strategic alliances
- Establish international long-term relationships

Established Alliances with Organizations:
- Contextos
- Procafe
- Consejo Salvadoreno Del Cafe
- AFAL/Euracen

Contact information:
Address: Edificio Procafe Ave. Manuel Gallardo y 13º Calle
Poniente Nueva San Salvador
Telephone: 503 25256409

Visit the El Salvador Chapter Website: