To empower women leaders in the Guatemalan coffee industry. The mission is based on achieving women’s leadership and participation through voting in forums and groups of coffee producers as well as in other aspects of coffee production. 


- Talks, workshops, and trainings about farm administration skills
- Personal development programs
- Field trips, agronomical courses
- Participation of Anacafé´s full program of activities
- A three day medical journey to one of the co-ops of our members
- Donation of water filters by Efico Foundation that were distributed to
members and female coffee growers
- Ongoing work to produce a blend from the different coffees of our members. The coffee will be sold through Women's Harvest.
- Established literacy programs at four coffee farms.
- Participation in a congress of private reserves and in Anacafe´s Congress


- Well-established goals
- Well-defined stakeholders
- Board represents all the coffee value chain 
- Alliance with Anacafé - National Coffee Association (administrative,
legal, logistics and office space)
- Established annual fees for members
- Defined partnership fees
- Strong, innovative board of directors


President - Celeste Fumagalli
Vice-President - Camila Topke
Secretary - Karen Bonifasi
Treasurer - Ana Karen Block
Vocal - Silvia Escobar
Vocal - Maria Cristina Rosales
Vocal - Miguelina Villatoro
Vocal - Gladys Coto de la Cerda


Created - August 2006
Legal Structure - October 2008
Signed IWCA MOU - 2008
Current Board Elected - March 2012