With continued support from the the industry IWCA remains focused on promoting possibilities for women in coffee communities throughout the world.



For five years the IWCA Guatemala Chapter has organized regional competitions of women coffee grafters. Coffee grafting is a specialized skill that involves attaching seeds to root-stock by hand. Grafted plants are desirable because they can have a higher productivity and be more tolerant to challenges like drought and root plagues. In the 2016 competition more than 150 women participated from different regions of the country. The event is meant to introduce grafting to women in rural areas as an income source as well as integrate more women into the coffee production process.


El Salvador

The IWCA El Salvador Chapter was one of seven organizations convened by the national government to support development ofthe El Salvador coffee sector through a program entitled "Unity to Reactivate Coffee Fields." The leaders of the organizations recognized the urgent need to come together and address factors like economic growth and lack of opportunities and jobs.



Since it's formation the IWCA Burundi chapter has formed key alliances with coffee exporters/importers, secured a washing station, and developed a a profit-splitting plan for sale of IWCA Burundi member coffees. The chapter is currently working to change national policies that prevent women producers from registering coffee in theri own names.


An annual Coffee Market, or Coffee Santhe, is organized to raise funds to support the IWCA India Chapter. Held over two days this event brings together key players in the coffee industry ranging from the Coffee Board of India, to the Tourism Board, and a number of other private companies. Funds raised from this event support scholarships, access to educational opportunities, healthcare screenings, and more.