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One of the quickest and most effective ways to volunteer for IWCA is to join one of the organization's committees. IWCA is regularly looking for committee members and special project volunteers. 

The IWCA relies on its members to help reach its goals. Volunteering to serve on a committee helps members get involved and improve the world for women in coffee. IWCA committees are focused on advocacy, resources and connections.

Click on the committee you're interested in, then contact the head of the committee listed below to volunteer. We'd love to have you!


This committee carries out initiatives that fulfill the IWCA mission, including the following activities:

  • Formation of IWCA chapters
  • Support of IWCA chapters
  • Provide workshops and training programs
  • Encourage connections for exchange programs
  • Encourage connections for Trips to Origin

For more information or to join, contact the Chapter Relations Committee.


This committee develops and implements strategies for a growing and sustainable IWCA, which includes:

  • Diversifying and increasing funding sources through avenues including strategic alliances, grants and sponsorships
  • Developing long-term stability through major funding initiatives
  • Effectively and efficiently managing and growing all donor relationships

For more information or to join, contact the Development Committee.


This committee plans and manages all of the IWCA events, including the following events:

  • IWCA Breakfast at the Speciality Coffee Association of America Expo
  • IWCA Lunch at the National Coffee Association Convention
  • Bi-Annual IWCA Convention  

For more information or to join, contact the Events Committee


This committee leads fundraising efforts that enable IWCA to carry out its mission by:

  • Identifying and reaching out to key IWCA supporters
  • Maintaing strong relations with our supporters
  • Establishing a funding plan to ensure progress towards strategic goals

For more information or to join the committee, contact the Fundraising Committee. Have strong fundraising skills? This committee needs your expertise!


This committee is responsible for facilitating and monitoring IWCA communications and marketing materials, which includes:

  • Writing press releases, newsletters, promotional material content, and web site content
  • Developing and designing collateral pieces to support established marketing strategies

For more information or to join, contact the Marketing Committee. This committee has a special need for graphic designers! 


This committee seeks funding specifically for IWCA sponsored events and programs by:

  • Establishing strong relations with corporations that benefit from event specific advertising in exchange for donations.
  • Engaging corporations outside of the coffee community. Expanding and diversifying our revenue stream while building awareness of our organization beyond the coffee industry. 

For more information or to join the committee, contact the Sponsorship Committee.


This committee strengthens IWCA's range of programs by:

  • Partnering with companies, individuals and organizations that recognize the hurdles faced by women in coffee producing countries. 

For more information, the committee, contact the Strategic Alliance Committee.