IWCA Four Pillars of Success for Women in Coffee

The IWCA focuses our efforts to fund and build programming around four pillars.  These programs are delivered at origin and help to drive success for female participants in the coffee supply chain.  These pillars are explained below.  Please consider a donation to drive our work and the success of Women in Coffee.

1. Chapter Operations & Development

Allows for IWCA chapter leaders and members to improve general operating procedures and skill set to increase success as a chapter.

  • Board of Directors leadership skills workshops
  • Fundraising 101 Training for Chapter Leaders
  • Strategic Planning Workshops

2. Community Improvement

Includes social service projects and outreach initiatives which aim to improve aspects of the community in which the women coffee farmers live.

  • Scholarships for children of coffee families to attend school
  • Provide health screenings for women coffee farmers and their families, most who have never seen a doctor
  • Host handicraft workshops so that women coffee farmers add another source of income

3. Coffee Training & Education

Hands-on development provides women in coffee with the information, tools, and skills they need to enhance the entire coffee production process from seed to cup.

  • How to negotiate product prices with buyers
  • Demonstrations to enhance coffee productivity
  • Interventions to prevent coffee rust, a crop-debilitating disease that is rapidly spread to every coffee-growing region in the world

Click here to donate to Operation Diversification: Complementing Coffee with Passion Fruit - IWCA Dominican Republic Chapter

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4. Coffee Capital/Construction Development

Includes construction, building, fabrication, or development of physical items as related to the coffee farming and production process.

  • Purchase coffee pulpers for women-run coffee farms
  • Build nearby washing stations so the farmers do not have to carry the seeds as far
  • Hulling machines which remove the outer layer from the coffee cherry


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