The IWCA Burundi chapter sold their top quality coffee to BD Imports for the second year in a row. A profit splitting plan was developed between IWCA Burundi, the local washing station owner, and BD Imports that provided a bonus payment to the IWCA Burundi members based on the coffee selling price. 

When IWCA Burundi President Isabelle Sinamenye arrived to distribute the bonuses to the members, she was greeted by IWCA Burundi members singing songs of IWCA to celebrate the occasion. Isabelle Sinamenye joined the marching crowd as they continued on and distributed the bonuses to the female coffee producers.
After the distribution, Mawazo, one of the IWCA Burundi members, rode her bicycle to Sinamenye Isabelle and shared her story. “I was at my home when I heard about IWCA. I became an IWCA member in March 2013. I received 60,000 Fr Bu (approx. $40.00 USD) as a bonus of the coffee I sold to the Karehe washing station. I bought this bicycle. Now if my child is ill, I can take him to see the doctor on my bicycle. Today, I have received 140,000 Fr Bu. (approx. $90 USD). I am thankful of IWCA for this. I will continue to work well with IWCA, and I hope to get a motorized scooter in the near future."
Earlier this year, IWCA Burundi also partnered with Burundi Friends International, a US based NGO, that provided chapter members with 2 goats each.