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With support, investment, and engagement from dedicated people and organizations, IWCA empowers women across the globe. An overview of IWCA and examples of the successes made possible through the IWCA platform appear in this flyer. On this page, we appreciate, highlight and share the organizations who make important global, regional, and local contributions. 

Please consider joining this group! Contact Mansi Chokshi, IWCA Global Co-Vice President to outline the strategy that is best for you, or visit Support to make a direct contribution.

Business Partnerships

Doing business can also mean doing good. Consider joining the companies below who have incorporated support for IWCA into their business strategies:

  • Artisan Coffee Imports offers the women of the Ejo Heza cooperative (IWCA Rwanda Chapter members) a 15% premium above the farm-gate price. This program runs year round.

  •  JNP Coffee, working with Burundi Friends International (BFI), has an active and ongoing partnership with the IWCA Burundi Chapter. Most recently, BFI has raised an initial $40,000 to implement a program in financial literacy education to benefit all members of IWCA Burundi, including youth. 

  • Peet's Coffee contributes 10% of the proceeds from its Sisterhood flight to IWCA. Details on the program here.

  • Solidaridad contributed $5,000 to completion and publication of the Women in Coffee e-book produced by IWCA to identify and share the roles of women in coffee in Brazil.

  • Temple Coffee Roasters donates 100% of the profits from its bottled water sales to IWCA. This program runs year round.

  • Written Coffee contributes 10% of every bag sold of its Chapter No. 2 coffee. See details here.

Global And Regional Support

Several organizations annually provide programs & training, inkind  support, and financial investment to IWCA at the global and regional levels.

Sustaining Support

Sustaining Supporters make an annual investment of $25,000 to support the organizational infrastructure and human capital required to support a global network and its important partnerships.



  • In April 2018, Kohana Coffee Company announced its leadership role and commitment to becoming an IWCA Sustaining Supporter.

host a Community event to support Iwca

Plan a fun event to bring people together for great fun in support of great cause. Looking for ideas to plan a successful event? Check out our blog with recaps from recent IWCA Community Events

Holiday and Special Promotions

Holidays, special events, or even your newsletter and social media updates can be a great opportunity to support IWCA and communicate that making an impact is important to you. The possibilities are endless, examples include:


Feature women's coffee in cafes on and around an upcoming holiday or special event and donate a flat amount and/or percentage of coffee sold that day.


Donate a flat amount or percent per bag of roasted coffee sold from a women's coffee cooperative.

3. Percent DONATION

Donate a percent pf per total sales of for a specific day, 20% is recommended.


Announce support for IWCA on social media, including the amount you will contribute. Social media announcement can be a short blurb example: “We’re supporting #womenincoffee with a $xx donation. You can too, by visiting:


Email your network or include IWCA in a company newsletter to encourage their support of IWCA. To donate:


Have another idea in which you can partner with IWCA? Let us know!

Donations to the International Women's Coffee Association (IWCA) are tax deductible as the organization is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Your support makes Our Work in support of IWCA Chapters possible.