Photo Credit: Benjamin James with Empty Space Studio

Photo Credit: Benjamin James with Empty Space Studio

Producing Country Chapters (PCCs) are alliances of women in the coffee sector in producing countries (countries of origin). The country is classified as a producing country when a majority of local coffee industry activities begin the supply chain i.e., growing, producing, milling, exporting. Producing countries are often located within Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia, but are not limited to these areas.

The following objectives have been defined for PCCs, but they may be adapted to address local conditions:


- Empower women in the origin country to achieve meaningful and sustainable livelihoods 
- Connect with alliances of women in coffee-consuming countries


- Create a global, regional and national identity for the chapter 
- Promote IWCA as well as creating a joint identity with other PCCs
- Develop, retain and expand active membership in the home country
- Promote women in coffee throughout the country
- Liaise with Consuming Country Chapters (CCCs) to make cross-cultural and cross-production chain networks
- Participate with CCCs in joint projects and exchanges
- Help chapter members strengthen their participation in the coffee sector and acquire a voice in their country’s coffee policies.