Global Connections, Local Projects

As the IWCA Case Studies demonstrate, IWCA Chapters work independently to address local needs. Some IWCA Chapters also choose to work with the IWCA Global to develop project proposals that are supported by external partners.

IWCA Dominican Republic: Local Roasting facilitY

Through the 2017 IWCA Global Leadership Summit process, the IWCA Dominican Republic Chapter developed a project proposal to create a roasting facility that would build local roasting capacity, as well as support local consumption of high quality coffee. The project requires securing the appropriate facilities and equipment, as well as technical coffee and business training.

Inspired by the International Coffee Day "women in coffee" theme, Caffè Vergnano in Turino, Italy, reached out to IWCA. On October 1, Caffè Vergnano hosted representatives from IWCA Ethiopia for the opening of their Caffe Academia. Building on this success, Caffè Vergnano sought a project to support an IWCA Chapter, and selected the Dominican Republic's local roasting project. In January, Caffè Vergnano launched the Women in Coffee, Pink Capsule Collection campaign to raise the estimated US$10,000 in 2019, with plans to be ready for a project launch in the Dominican Republic in early 2020. 

IWCA BraSil Publishes E-Book: Portuguese & English

Achieved through a successful partnership with Embrapa, and with support provided by Solidaridad and IWCA Global, the IWCA Brasil Chapter published their long-awaited e-book in Portuguese in December 2017, and launched the English version in September 2018 at a hosted by NCA during the September International Coffee Organization meeting.

Helena Alves (Embrapa) and Josiane Cotrim (IWCA)

Helena Alves (Embrapa) and Josiane Cotrim (IWCA)

The 17 chapter book is written by 40 Brazilian researchers working from 11 organizations, including several Brazilian universities. The effort also represents Brazil's large, varied geography and diverse populations. The research approach in each chapter is different, ranging from intimate interviews focused on family life to data-centric analysis of cooperatives.

IWCA Rwanda: New Women’s Cooperative


Through a partnership with the IWCA, the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) provided funding to support a project developed by the IWCA Rwanda Chapter. The multi-year project includes the purchase of land in the Rulindo District to start a new cooperative with a washing station, farm, and nursery. Other key partners, including the International Trade Centre (ITC), World Coffee Research, and Sustainable Harvest.

In April 2018 IWCA Rwanda Chapter President, Angelique Karkezi, shared a project overview at the IWCA Breakfast. Since that time, progress has continued, including completing the business plan, hiring agronomic support, and planting the first seedlings. Next steps include continuing to develop the business plan, and identifying potential buyers for the future crop.

Contact IWCA Chapter Manager, Blanca Castro for additional information about either project.

Image in heading was captured at the 2017 IWCA Convention in Puebla, Mexico.