IWCA Research Alliance

The IWCA Research Alliance is a network of researchers and partners focused on collecting credible data on topics of critical importance to advance IWCA's mission and the sustainability of the global coffee industry. Research Alliance Committee members are typically based in producing countries and include several IWCA Chapter leaders. 

Topics selected by the Research Alliance are not otherwise pursued, supported, or funded. For example, the Research Alliance is currently pursuing a three phase project to identify the number of women working in coffee and their unique roles, what some call the "gender data gap".  This data is critical to identify the most effective courses of action for programs, policies, and other interventions to secure the future and sustainability of the coffee industry. For more information, or to support this effort, please contact Ruth Ann Church, IWCA Research & Impact Assessment Chair.

IWCA Research Alliance Releases New Data

In June 2018, IWCA Research Alliance Chair, Ruth Ann Church, published a blog post describing the context and recent accomplishments of the IWCA Research Alliance. Visit the blogpost to learn more, including the updated table containing estimates of women in coffee from seven countries.

IWCA Brazil Publishes E-Book

The IWCA Brazil Chapter published their long-awaited e-book in late December 2017

The 17 chapter book is the result of nearly 40 Brazilian researchers working from 11 organizations, including many of Brazil's universities. The effort also represents Brazil's large, varied geography and diverse populations. The research approaches themselves also reflect the richness of this diversity, ranging from intimate interviews focused on family life to data-centric analysis of cooperatives.

The work was supported by Embrapa, and spearheaded by the IWCA Brazil Chapter, whose dynamic leadership includes Brigida Salgado and Josiane Cotrim. Additional key contributors include several people. Cristina Arzabe, a lead researcher at Embrapa, was both motivator and group coordinator. Raquel Santos Soares Menezes, profesor at Universidade de Vicosa, was a lead research and presented this work at the IWCA Convention in Puebla, MX. Cintia Matos, IWCA Brazil Chapter President and former chapter vice president, lead the logistics management.

The IWCA Global Organization congratulates the IWCA Brazil on the accomplishment and hopes that this effort can provide a model for other IWCA Chapters and partners to utilize this unique platform to share, communicate, and highlight women's important contributions, especially in coffee.

Recent Women In Coffee Data PreSENTATIONS

IWCA Invited to Present to the ICO in Cote d'Ivoire

In his opening speech at the 2017 IWCA Convention, Jose Sette, the new Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) communicated that ICO members should not only improve their capacity to provide employment data on men and women, but also recognize the strong contributions of women.

The ICO is considering new rules for the member countries' submissions of data. Currently, countries submit data focused solely on production: kilograms, bags and beans. IWCA was invited to present at a special meeting of the ICO Statistics Committee in Cote d'Ivoire on September 25, 2017. The narration of IWCA's presentation to ICO members is available on the IWCA You Tube Channel.

August 2017 IWCA Convention

The August 2017 IWCA Convention in Puebla, Mexico included presentations from several leading research organizations in the panel titled, "Quantifying Women in Coffee: Who, Where, What?". Summaries are available below:

Current Research Alliance Committee Members

  • Brazil: Josiane Cotrim, Raquel Menezes
  • Guatemala: Blanca Castro, Alissa Bilfield
  • El Salvador: Maria Botto
  • Rwanda: Zafarani Uwingabire, Joanne Mugema
  • Burundi: Isabelle Sinamenyei

A gallery of recent data collection, interviews, and research collaborations...

RECENT Press Describing Women in Coffee Data Effort