JNP Coffee

JNP Coffee produces, promotes and trades African Specialty Coffee. Owner and manager Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian passionately pursues her dream of helping the coffee farmers of her birthplace, Burundi, Africa - a specialty coffee-producing country. Burundi Arabica coffee grows at high altitudes, from 1,200 to 1,950 m (3,937 to 6,397 ft) above sea level. The best-known varieties -- Bourbon, Jackson, and Mibirizi -- contribute to the lemon, orange, blueberry, chocolate, almond, and cinnamon notes you can enjoy in a cup of Burundi coffee.

Our goal is to ensure quality, traceability and integrity in the supply chain, and directly connect green coffee buyers with award-winning Burundi coffee farmers and producers. JNP Coffee clients receive a

broader array of buying options, ranging from a few micro-lot bags to full containers. Your relationship to the country can go further. Thanks to our deep ties with Burundi, clients can participate in development projects beyond the coffee harvest that sustain farmers’ lives as well as their livelihood.

JNP Coffee is also committed to supporting women coffee farmers in Burundi. Sales of their premium coffee ensure greater community stability through improved education for their children and new economic opportunities for their families.

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