- Well-established goals, stake holders, and annual member fees
- Board represents all the coffee value chain, provides strong leadership and in constantly innovating
- Alliance with Uganda Coffee Development Authority (Administrative, Legal, Logistics)


- Attended monthly coffee production steering committee meetings and Eastern Uganda regional workshop in Mbale, organized by UCDA.
- Presided over the distribution of seedlings given by UCDA to women farmers in Manafwa District. 
- Elgon Women Coffee Traders Company was formed to facilitate women’s coffee marketing.
- Chaired Mt. Elgon Coffee Production and Marketing initiatives.
- Mobilized eight groups of coffee and maize farmers to work as higher-level farmers.


- Established a five-year sustainable coffee program with the Sustainable Trade Initiatives (IDH). 
The program focuses on training farmers in agricultural practices such as increasing yields and the export availability of sustainably grown coffee and dealing with adverse climatic conditions.
- Established a coffee production campaign with the UCDA. 
The campaign provides women coffee farmers with planting materials, access to improved productivity practices, promotion of sustainable coffee production through certification, coordination and training along the coffee value chain.
- Established Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS) 
This five year governmental program promotes NARO-NAADS interface for demand driven technology, modernization of information communication technology (ICT) and employment of ICT tools for information sharing.
- Established a Savings and Credit Program with NUCAFE.
- Participated in USAID Uganda Feed the Future (FTF) 
The program will create agents of change for farmers and disseminate innovations among five main stakeholder groups: village agents, traders, processors, industry associations and the public/private sector. It aims to improve coffee value chain strategies; support stakeholder platform programs; use SAF and value chains to help replicate middle supply responses, quality aggregation and value addition models; emphasize proper harvesting and post-harvesting handling; support mother garden and nursery development for CWD’S quality planting; support sustainable coffee plans, and address specialty market requirements and characteristics.


President - Jane Bella Magombe
Vice President - Kellen Kaboine
Secretary - Doreen Rweihangwe
Treasurer - Elizabeth Lukonji
Office Manager - Phyllis Chesimol