IWCA was proud to be a part of the Women in the World of Coffee: "Fostering the 'Quiet Revolution' through Education and Access" Conference.  The conference was sponsored by the Ernesto Illy Foundation and aimed to foster this revolution by providing education and access to the next generation of women in the coffee industry.  During the conference, presenters shared success stories and projects that would allow educational resources to be more readily available to a broader number of people.

Past IWCA President Grace Mena attended and spoke about IWCA’s accomplishments for the past 10 years and IWCA’s future plans. Other IWCA presenters included: Mery Santos, Josiane Cotrim, Judy Ganes, Laura Quiros, Irene Gutierrez, and Sunalini Menon.  

We look forward to helping grow the revolution for women in coffee with the Illy Foundation!