Reactivating El Salvador's Coffee Sector

In recent years coffee production in El Salvador has declined in the face of challenges like climate change, insecurity within the country, low coffee prices, and higher costs to maintain and process crops. In response to this crisis eight of the country's national coffee organizations convened to discuss how to reactivate the coffee sector, and in October of 2016 signed a memorandum of understanding addressing the Unity to Reactivate El Salvador Coffee Fields. 

The leaders recognized the urgent need to come together and address factors like economic growth and lack of opportunities and jobs. The following objectives were identified as the greatest needs:

1. Strengthen the Coffee Institution having a conciliation within coffee the organizations

2. Integrate the actors and/or entities needed to reactivate coffee industry.

3. Support the design of a strategic plan including the agricultural, economic and financial keys.

4. Create an adequate environment to allow funds for research, education and extension required by industry.

5. Promote high productivity of coffee plantations to guarantee offer of competitive good well known Salvadoran coffee quality.

6. Contribute to the Alliance for the Prosperity of the North Triangle attracting resources from International cooperates.

7. Create the necessary conditions to attract funds for the coffee industry investment and growth.

The organizations are engaging key stakeholders to help accomplish these goals, as they would have a large impact for the El Salvador's economy and overall coffee production and exporting.