Reflect, Reconnect, Learn & Inspire

Whereas the IWCA Breakfast at SCA Expo was a forum to connect nearly 400 IWCA supporters with several people and perspectives across the IWCA Global Network, the IWCA Chapter Forum which followed the breakfast was a more intimate, smaller scale event.

For the last two years at SCA, IWCA Chapters, Global Board members, volunteers, and engaged supporters convene at the IWCA Chapter Forum to reflect on the past year, reconnect with one another, share successes & current challenges, and inspire each other to keep driving forward.

This year's agenda began with appreciation for outgoing Global Board members Mery Santos and Jennifer Gallegos, welcome remarks from IWCA Chapter Manager, Blanca Castro, and brief introductions from everyone in attendance. This was followed by Keynote speaker, Maritza Midence from Honduras, whose message was informative, empowering, and inspirational. She shared important context for IWCA's role within the global coffee industry, and at the local levels, as well as suggestions and new ideas for the future. 

Maritza's talk is available here: English & Spanish and handout here (English & Spanish). (Please make sure any references to it provide appropriate attribution.) 

Moments from the IWCA Chapter Forum are captured below: