Meet Me in Kigali!

Looking to make new coffee connections in 2019? Join IWCA at the 2019 African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) Convention in Kigali, Rwanda, February, 12-15. Registration is still open! Please also join us for the IWCA Breakfast at AFCA on February 14!

To help you prepare, below are profiles of IWCA Chapter members who will be attending. We will continue to update with additional IWCA attendees over the coming weeks. Click on the links below to download the full profiles, and reach out to all IWCA Chapter members via the IWCA Chapter List webpage.

IWCA Burundi

Céline Niyungeko

Celine will represent IWCA Burundi at AFCA. She is an accomplished agronomist technician, quality analyzer, and controller ARFIC, the Coffee Regulatory Authority Branch.

IWCA Ethiopia Chapter

YA Coffee, Sara Yirga

Sourcing direct from smallholder farmers to deliver fairly-traded specialty and premium coffee to consumers worldwide, YA COFFEE is roasted and packed at source in Ethiopia, the origin of the best coffee in the world. Supporting sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation, this husband and wife team is creating change through coffee.

IWCA Rwanda Chapter

Kalisimbi Mountain Coffee, Ms. Nepo Bitwayiki

Kalisimibi Mountain Coffee employess 90% women, and is driven by the mission to increase efficiency and effectiveness by producing high quality coffee and making use of all byproducts.

Nyamurinda Coffee Growers Ltd.

Nyamurinda coffee growers Ltd is a company owned by 2 women. It has a 15 ha coffee plantation located on Nyamurinda hill in Kibirizi sector. We work with 300 farmers grouped in 30 “amatsinda” or coffee associations.

Rwashoscco, Ms. Angelique Karekezi

Rwanda Small Holder Specialty Coffee Company (Rwashoscco) is a farmer owned business that focuses on marketing, export and roasting of the Rwanda’s highest quality coffee beans.

Sake Farm, Ms. Letitia Kayitesire

Sake Cofffe includes a coffee plantation and washing station that includes 2200 coffee farmers in the Ngoma District. In addition to producing high quality coffee, Sake Farm works to improve livelihoods by reducing poverty.

Tropic Coffee, Ms. Divine Mutuyimana

Our mission is to provide to our clients with the highest standard and quality coffee available across the world of consumer tastes and preferences, at a fair price, while following to our guiding values and increasing producers’ income.

Women in Coffee Initiative Ltd, Ms. Tushabe Joy

Women in coffee initiative Ltd was formed in 2014 to break that fear of women to enter into the coffee business. “Ishema Women’s Coffee” as a brand name for the coffee produced by Women in Coffee Initiative Ltd.

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