IWCA’s strategy of “Success through Localization” is based upon the formation of chapters in both coffee producing and consuming countries. These chapters form independent organizations, each following the laws of their own countries. They are invited to join the IWCA as member chapters, which allows them to work with IWCA resources to achieve common goals in promoting and recognizing women working in the coffee industry. As part of the “Success through Localization” strategy, IWCA chapters continue to be established around the world. As awareness of their work grows, women from more countries contact the organization for guidance on how to become an affiliated chapter. 

Producing Country Chapters are alliances of women in the coffee sector in producing countries (countries of origin). The country is classified as a producing country when a majority of local coffee industry activities begin the supply chain i.e., growing, producing, milling, exporting.

Consuming Country Chapters are alliances of women in the coffee sector headquartered in consuming countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. The country is classified as a consuming country when a majority of local coffee industry activities include importing, distributing, roasting, and retailing.

Provisional Chapters - Provisional chapters sign a Letter of Intent with IWCA to begin their chapter formation process. Please contact the Chapter Relations Committee if you are interested in forming a chapter or finding out how to contact a chapter in your area. 


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